Gardening In The Raw

Gardening In The Raw

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What do you see outside your window when you are working?

A home based business is should no longer be called that, it implies that it is less then being a ligetmit business.

The fact is now days it is the way everyth

facebook may be swindling you out of money

facebook may be swindling you out of money

Are you paying Facebook to advertise your business? In this video evidence shows that “getting Likes” by using adver

ever wonder how they do it?

ever wonder how they do it? Ever wonder why some people can make money faster than a
hungry cheetah….
  …while other people seem to struggle over and over a

Everything in your life right now is a product of your best thinking.

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Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds

Albert Einstein

It is time to make some money and show everyone just how wrong th


if what you are doing now with your blogging business is not working then read that quote again
You are either moving in the direction you want with the actions

Live weekley video event – Watch us live each week at 5:30 PST – If you miss the show you can watch the replay for one week before it is replaced by next live show

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Before you get a hosting account – Lesson #2

Before you get a hosting account watch this video first

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Now that you have made facebook rich blogging it is your turn!! Be the first to learn how!

Did you know that facebook is just a blog and the reason they make so much money is because you help them out by blogging for them?

Well here is an idea, how a

How to get a hosting account for your domain name tutorial

This video will walk you threw getting a hosting account for your domain name so you can start building that business you always dreamed of.

If you are unsure

Welcome video for my new facebook group Critical Marketing Tools

I hope all of you will share your best ideas on internet marketing, I look forward to learning with you.

How to get a domain name

When thinking up a domain name there are a few things that are helpful to keep in mind to improve your network marketing business.

Try to keep the domain name

How to fix upside down videos downloaded from cell phone to pc

How to fix a upside down video from your cell phone

If you have not already had this happen to you chances are that it will sooner or later.

This video will h

How to connect your cell phone to your computer using wifi _ download video, photos and more

Send SMS from your Desktop

Send & receive SMS from the comfort of your computer. Faster typing and navigation with the full keyboard and large screen.



Introduction to the nube training videos, these videos are to help make sure everyone can follow the other basic videos

In my video training lessons here I will not show the extreamley basic stuff like how to download softwear or getting a domain name. most people know this alrea


network marketing tips

An alternative to cold calling, what to do with those numbers?

I have to finish this post tomorrow, no point in reading it yet An alternative to cold calling, what to do with those numbers?

If you are one of the lucky ones

puppy havanese

black havanese puppy

Making a tun of money with EN? then put that money to work with my pick of 2014

Empower network which you can find all over my blogs and websites or Click here is my #! For affiliate marketing combined with networking. And I belive it will

Don’t Just Dream it Be IT!

Can it be possible that The Rocky Horror picture show and Internet Marketing can be connected together?

When it comes to me it does. Lol

I love the song in th

Can audio over your blog or website increase your success? You decided, here is an excample

I have been trying to find a website that really shows the power of audio over a blog or website.

Now this website you can buy there or not the point of it is

Take their traffic and make it your traffic! – Another tool every marketer should have.

When writing a blog post how do you get the right key words in your post?


Well first let me tell you never spam your blog post with to many of the same word

Are you using ebay to earn extra start up money for your network business.

The hardest thing about ebay is price compition and where to get the products

You can find more products here then you could ever manage to sell at prices that

This is a strange thing to say but: I am fascinated by how your mind works.

Everyone learns in different ways, I know if you are like me you think everyone learns things in one way and you just dong get it! Or at least I used to think t

lol, I found an old video intro I made for youtube – it still cracks me up!

This is an old video intro I made for  youtube. it is not the best quality it is from back when youtube did not work well with high quility.

Most of the time people want just what they are looking for, so why pay for a bunch of stuff you do not need?

how to find a land line or cell phone number owners name and address with just the phone number

Puppies first snow, It can snow in Lakeport California

I wonder if bass fishermen fish in the snow out on Clearlake or Clear Lake not sure what is the right way to spell it.

It is fun to watch a pet experience some

Happy Thanksgiving from Lakeport California

Happy Thanksgiving from Lakeport California

Hope you are having a great day.

I made this video because I thought the sky way so nice

and to wish Happy holida

I Quit!!! This is the day you found something different in internet marketing.

about internet marketing and finding an automated solution to networking

Call her “Lady” Rion Paige!

Call her “Lady” Rion Paige!

Just a quick post to my new blog

Just now got in and have to at least post something, now. More on the